Our Values

HUMAN TEAM, consolidating values ​​such as respect, leadership and fellowship, encouraging the involvement, motivation, training and constructive aptitude to all departments of the company.

MAXIMUM QUALITY, working continuously to offer our products with the quality that the client requires, implementing work systems that will lead us to this goal.

EFFICIENCY, continuously adapting human and technical resources to the new market demands on quality and productivity, with the result of improvement on services that the market requires.

COMPETITIVENESS AND PRODUCTIVITY, union of three important factors, the team, the technology implanted and the innovation in the processes of our product formulas.

SUSTAINABILITY, products in constant development, achieving products 100% recyclable, in addition we incorporate natural products to our formulas.

SAFETY, knowing that it is essential for the achievement of the objectives set the security as a priority; our facilities have Health & Safety certificates and work on a continuous training for the whole team on the equipment that we have.