Company Mission Statement

MAKROPLAS is a company that manufactures flexible plastic products for all type of industries.

Considers essential, and is committed to carry out, the implementation of a Quality Management System, that defines and reflects the organization of all the factors that affect the quality of its products, Based on: BRC World Standard for packaging and packaging materials V.5, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and current legislation, with the objective of meeting the needs of our customers, based on the following principles:

CTM (Total Quality Makroplas)






These are maintained and developed with a policy of continuous training, motivation and involvement of our entire structure with an open participation at all levels in decision-making and in shaping the company to meet future challenges (where we want to be and how we want to be).

We hope that with the effort of each member of our team, along with the correct fulfillment of our functions, personal motivation, providing initiatives for improvement, ethical behavior and teamwork, we achieve a higher QUALITY, to be able to satisfy the Demands of our clients and therefore achieve a greater PRESTIGE and COMPETITIVENESS, thus achieving EXCELLENCE, which is our goal.

It is the will of the management of MAKROPLAS S.L. That this quality policy to become the basis for all future actions of the entity, as well as the defined objectives.